Our Mission And Values.

Our Mission

To provide a unique and high quality non-alcoholic beverages locally and internationally by expanding our products and going everywhere possible.

Our Vision

To become the most preferred, high quality international brand the same way Gold is. We also want to become a household item by successfully launching the first house to house delivery of bottled water and capture a bigger market share.

Core Values

- Exceedingly focus on Quality, Fineness and Excellence!
- Respect and protect the quality of the product we provide
Continued attention for consistency
- Focus on new and innovative business ideas that consider the wellness of the environment
- Practice high ethical standards
- Balanced integrity, doing the right thing in an honest, fair and responsible way


- To be one of the top five water bottling companies in East Africa within the next three years.
- To cover more percentage of national and international bottled water consumption every year.
- To provide the needs of our customers with high quality.