What we do.

Purification Process

We apply the American Origin 5 step RO procedure to purify and remove unwanted chemicals and macrobacteria to 99.99%, that makes Gold a fine water to drink.

Gold Group

Gold Industrial Zone
Gold Metal Engineering
Gold Magnesium Board Mfg.
Gold Hotel and Resort
Gold Five Star Hotel

Ergonomic Bottle

A smooth and nourishing spring water bottle in different sizes of 330ml, 600ml, 1L, and 2L handy bottles. On top of that, our new 700ml bottle and 25L jar will join the market soon.

State of the art technology

We use an equipment imported from Germany with a cutting edge technology that’s fully automated. By improving our production capacity, we are working hard on expanding our market to the Middle East and UAE.

Contamination free

Gold water is purified without the use of any chemical preservation, produced with strict and consistent quality assurance and packed using the latest technologies and is available in all shops around your area.

Quality Certified

We have been awarded the Ethiopian Standard Authority Certificate (CER No. : BPCU10020) for our consistency in quality production. All products have obtained a conformity assessment certificate from the Food, Medicine and Health Care Administration and Contol Authority.

Key Customers